Parents Association

Bishop Foley Memorial National School, Carlow

The Parent’s Association are always open for new members.  We operate in an informal manner and keep meetings to a minimum.  All work undertaken is for the benefit of the school and its pupils.

So why not come along and get involved!

If you think you might like to join the committee please give your name and contact number into the office.

Parent’s Association Aims and Objectives

• Support the school in it’s work with pupils and parents.

• Represent the view of all parents.

• Promote contact and communication between all parties in the school community

• Report to the parent forum

• To ensure that all parent’s have a say in their children’s education.

What do parents bring to the school?

• Have unique and varied skills, knowledge and experience.

• Are members of the local community and so have links with range of organisations &   services.

• Are in touch with other parents and can represent a wider range of views.

• When parents are involved children do better and achieve more.

Thanks for your involvement!

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