Cineáltas – Anti Bullying Flag

Cineáltas: Action Plan on Bullying is rooted in the following four key principles:

Prevention: Through the generation of empathy and the provision of training which provides a foundation for knowledge, respect, equality and inclusion

Support: Tangible and targeted supports based on a continuum of needs which provide a framework for school communities to work together

Oversight: Visible leadership creates positive environments for children and young people and all members of our school community

Community: Building inclusive school communities that are connected to society, and that support and nurture positive relationships and partnerships

This Action Plan has been developed by the Department of Education in collaboration with a diverse and dedicated Steering Committee led by Dr Noel Purdy of Stranmillis University College in Belfast. Cineáltas has been informed by the views of children and young people, parents, school staff, education partners and individual members of the public and succeeds in placing the students at the very heart of the plan.

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Cineáltas Action Plan on Bullying