Face Coverings in Primary Schools

Face coverings in Primary schools 

NPHET has recommended the wearing of face masks/coverings by children aged nine years and  above on public transport, in retail and other indoor public settings as already required for children  aged 13 years and over. They have also recommended that this is introduced for children in 3rd  class and above in primary schools. They have advised that this measure is being introduced on a  temporary basis and is subject to review in mid-February 2022. 

Wearing of face masks/coverings 

Pupils from third class and up in primary schools are required to wear a face mask/covering. The  exemptions to this are set out below.


A medical certificate to certify that a person falls into a category listed below must be provided to  the school on behalf of, any person (pupil) who claims that they are covered by the exemptions  below:  

any pupil with difficulty breathing or other relevant medical conditions 

any pupil who is unable to remove the cloth face-covering or visor without assistance  

any pupil who has special needs and who may feel upset or very uncomfortable wearing the  cloth face covering or visor, for example pupils with intellectual or developmental  disabilities, mental health conditions, sensory concerns or tactile sensitivity. 


Face masks/coverings must not contain any slogans/logos/images that may cause upset or be  deemed offensive to any member of the school community.