COVID-19 Letter to parents/guardians

Dear Parents,

In these uncertain times of Covid-19, we have all been affected in many different ways. Our school as with all schools will remain closed until at least April 19th.

In an effort to help pupils over the closure period we will be using the CJ Fallon website to provide schoolwork. In order to be able to access it you must go to and register to use the resources.

The school work will be provided on a weekly basis and is designed to last for approximately an hour each day. If you cannot access the resources online or are not in a position to help your child with it, please do not feel under any pressure to do so. Your children are young and will have many years of formal education ahead of them. You, as their parent/guardian are their primary educator and guiding them through this difficult time will be a challenge in itself. Remember to look after the mental health of both yourselves and your children at this time.

Some other suggestions for occupying your child at this time include:

  • A bit of reading everyday (independent/to them/audiobook)
  • Some free writing ie keeping a diary
  • Practical hands on activities ie cooking, tidying up, maths games
  • Building with Lego, playing board games
  • Some art/music where possible
  • Get them to do some project or research work on a topic that they like
  • Physical exercise everyday

We will also be putting up some ideas on our Twitter account @bishopfoleyns every day and you will also have seen a large amount of online resources that we have already posted on our website. Dip in and out of these as you see fit.

The lessons will be available for the week beginning the 30th March. No work will be provided for the Easter break and should it be required we will start again on April 20th. 

Feel free to do some or all of the work and should extra be required please use the online resources we have already supplied. If your child is struggling with the work, please try the same book at a different level.

Hopefully we will all be back to school before too long but until then mind yourselves and mind each other.


John Kelly